Purpose and Path

Do you ever struggle with your dreams for your life or finding some purpose for what you are supposed to be doing?

I know I have, being a self professed “goal junkie” I am forever trying new things, reaching for new stars, and going down various paths. Sometimes the path is organic and natural to who I am, other times I am trying to shove my square peg life into a round hole. Well if you are nodding then this week’s post is for you! I am going to share three women’s stories to encourage you to find your path and your purpose.

My dearest friend shared with me a dream for her life that she has had for a while but had not spoken into the universe until now. She wants to return to school to get a Master’s Degree and become a licensed counselor. As soon as she said this, I said “Heck yeah! That is amazing.” See, I have known this person for the last twenty years. We went to nursing school together, and at her core she is all about service to others. She was uniquely and wonderfully made to serve others, at the bedside of her patients, in ministry beside her husband, and in the not to distance future counseling clients with emotional wounds in their lives. It was such a great and obvious choice for her life, and I could not be prouder. She is setting out on a new path, one that aligns with her purpose and capitalize on all her experiences to date.

Another sweet friend of mine owns a small (but rapidly growing business) and is extremely active in all kinds of downtown revitalization projects. Her unique superpowers are inspiration and leadership. She is inspiring a community of business owners to support one another, residents to shop local, and is leading a together we can grow movement. She is inspiring beauty in forgotten downtown streets, instilling pride in the employees she hires, and the people around her. She never thinks small, she never thinks quit, and she is on a path to a million dollar business. It is a thrill to watch this journey.

While another close friend recently shared that she wondered if something was wrong with her because she never felt the need to “find her purpose” or to embark on some mighty career adventure. I had to chuckle, because she had already found her life’s purpose forty-four years ago when she gave birth to her first son. All she ever wanted in her life was to be a good wife and a good mother. In today’s standard of having it all, the perfect career, pencil skirt and blazer, with two perfect kids, soccer matches, and probably a dog it might appear that she is not measuring up. However, her path was raising three amazing boys, all who are college educated, kind, and productive in society. These are three of the best men I know. From her forty-four year old to her twenty-three old, they are just amazing. She fulfilled her greatest purpose without even having to know it. A special purpose that generates and shapes future thinkers, innovators, and society as a whole. Being a good mom, is exactly who she was supposed to be all along and I am so grateful for her influence in my life.

So what do these three women have in common? Purpose and path. See, when we find our purpose in life our path is straight and clear. Things seem to fit and we are able to work smarter, accomplish more, and achieve happiness. It does not mean the path will always easy, believe me I know getting a Master’s degree is difficult, but the journey is worth taking. Running a business is really exhausting and stressful. I have been coaching my friend as she does her expansion, giving me a court side seat to the show. I am seeing the intricate moving parts, and it is long hours, back breaking, roll up your sleeves hard work, but it is also so rewarding for her to go from a one small shop operation to multiple locations and shipping internationally! And parenting, one of the greatest joys but definitely some of the toughest challenges filled with self doubt and “mom guilt” at every turn. The emotional toll can be downright visceral at times, and there is no option to quit and do something else.

So here is the take away, you too can find your purpose and path! These three ladies are awesome, and so are you. Be encouraged that no matter what your dream may look like, you can achieve it. Start with a pen and paper and write down everything that you think makes you special. What are your superpowers? What do people always come to you and say “how do you do …?” Chances are, your truest purpose lies in those questions you get asked all the time. For my one friend, people come with their life problems and need advice. For my second friend, everyone wants to know the secrets to her success in business. The third is always supporting her friends in their parenting, and mentoring newer parents now that she is done raising her kids.

Your purpose does not have to be something that seems glamorous or that Pinterest tells you it should be. It just has to be right for you. When it is, the rest will start to fall into place. I am a goal junkie, I love to try new things and check off boxes. I love a challenge and figuring things out (albeit usually the hard way), so I guess my superpowers are learning and doing. Yet, funny thing I usually do this learning because eventually it helps someone else, which then would explain why I am a professor and a coach. Hmmmm… and now I am sharing that learning with you. So this week look at your purpose, and then next week let’s find focus and start setting some goals to achieve that purpose.

Until next week,


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